Ayurveda – the healing song of the Universe

Ayurveda in India

Do you want to live longer? Concerned with ageing well?  The Indian science of Ayurveda is a completely holistic practise that is light years away from the cosmetic quick fix of the West. Ayurveda is the oldest form of science of life, health and longevity in the world. Practised for more than 5000 years, it’s purpose is to is to heal and to increase the longevity of a person through a high quality of life.

In India all knowledge is considered to have issued from this play of the Gods acting separately but as One, creating, preserving and destroying. Ayurveda (Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning sacred text) is considered to be the earliest form of sacred knowledge given to mankind as a ray of divine enlightenment from the cosmic consciousness of Brahma.

In order to pass this knowledge down to man who was going through thousands of years of plague and pestilence and other forms of discomfort, Brahma composed a song of over one hundred thousand verses which were divided into a thousand chapters and then into the eight limbs or parts of the science. He then sang the healing song of the Universe to the creator of mankind who sang it to the some more gods who then sang it to the King of the Heavens, Lord Indra.

Meanwhile down on earth, the humans were falling sick and dying like flies. Creation needed to get its act together or else the whole spectrum of human life and so therefore the dream of the Beloved Dreamer Vishnu into a nightmare. Not that the gods cared, because to the Gods everything just Is. There is no right or wrong, since the gods dwell in a field beyond duality.

But the seers who meditated in communion with the dreams of the Gods knew of the existence of the healing song of the Universe and so arranged for one of the greatest sages to be reborn so that he could go to heaven and appeal to the God of Heaven for the knowledge contained within the many verses of the Song. This sage was known as Dhanvantari and with him went Bharadwaja and Khasyapa. It was through the efforts of these sages that the science of Ayurveda crossed the heavens and descended into the field of man. Proof of this timeless knowledge is evident to scholars and people who dig in ruins all over the Indus plains but for me the story is all I need to be going along with.

From that original act, Ayurveda has split and grown and expanded out into the knowledge of herbs and the songs that they vibrate to, the healing power of stories and surgery and a dazzlingly complete science on how to live according to the vibrational healing song of the Universe.

The poetry of the story soothes the soul and the plain simple good sense of how to live a human life that has been condensed from that vast ocean of cosmology is stunning in its simplicity. Enough to know that what our grandmas told us was pretty much the word from the heavens. Rise early, eat simply, exercise and live a moderate life. Pray and give thanks and dream when you sleep.

Ayurveda in India