Mawlynnong – The Rock and The Church

mawlynnongThe Story of the Stone
In the days before Christianity reached Mawlynnong when the people wanted to ask the gods for protection from lightening and floods and wild animals, this stone was used for sacrifices. A pig was slaughtered and offered to the gods of the forest.

mawlynnong sacrificial stone
Now the guardian spirit of the people of Mawlynnong takes the form of a tiger. The tiger is the guardian spirit of this village.
Sometimes people may see a big O! very long! And Black! like this (as thick as a forearm), a snake so big and they will know that this the guardian spirit with them. I have seen the tiger many times myself. As have others. The tiger will sit on the road and not move. You can make your horn sound but still the tiger does not move.

church at MawlynnongThe missionaries came to Cherrapunji in 1841. They taught the people a better way to reach God. That is through Jesus Christ (for god so loved man that he sent his only son). After some time, the missionaries reached Mawlynnong, it was 1877.

That time there were no roads but many many rivers. The missionaries came by boat crossing all the rivers in Bangladesh until they came to that small border town down there. Then they walked up. It only takes four hours. Then they came to this place and one by one every house accepted Christianity. Now this place is 100% Christian.

As told by Mr. Rishot at Sky View Guest House, architect of the Sky View Walkway.