Chasing Shiva

ebook by dianne sharma winter

“This man is my Guru, he is totally mad and we go a pilgrimage together.”

Quoting Kipling at a rural constable in order to spare myself a night in the cells, I instantly and publicly became the student or ‘cheli” of the wild and free and quite possibly crazy Sadhu, Chandon Giri Naga Digemba. By then I had already camped out in various locations around Omkareshwar with the man and his assorted attendants – most of them lunatics, so things could only have gotten crazier I guess.

“I knew when I met Chandon Giri that this Naga Baba was a living story, little did I know it would become the story of my life.”

I was bored with pseudo Italian food in tourist restaurants, bored with the new wave of Neo Hippie Travelers and generally on a quest to find Shiva.

So this is how I set off to follow a story and became one myself.

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 Reviews for Chasing Shiva

Review by: Benjamin Fritz on Sep. 20, 2011 : star star star star star
I became very sad and compassionate. I had to laugh out loud. And I over thought my whole being, our whole being. And that all within a few minutes while reading the first few pages on a boring morning-train-ride. Excellent!
I love Dianne Winters writing style: a pinch of sarcasm on the surface but through the twinkling eye offering a deep view of emotions, feelings and explanations.
And last but not least of course a very interesting book about one of Indias most fascinating and least accessible mysteries: the sadhus «baba-life».

Review by: susie ingram on June 20, 2011 : star star star star star
Stimulation for the senses, you can almost taste India.
A must for those curious or fascinated by the mysteries of this baffling country and it’s cultures. Dianne Winter is a gifted story teller, and it’s true…