India Tours and Travel

A curated list of unique boutique India tours and travel. Travel after all must be sensual, your senses record the sounds and smells, the feel and touch more reliably than any travel journal. Using the senses, one dives into a culture and emerges with the very pearl of the ocean. That precious learning, a shared experience, a story that will travel with you for many years to come.


gujarat textile tour

Small group immersive textile tours for the tactile traveler. Come indulge in a rich, diverse cultural journey, complete with historical context, wrapped with local interactions and cuisine. You can join our fixed date tours with a group size of 8 or you can choose to travel independently with a friend or partner.



women only tours India

Offered in conjunction with Venus Global Adventures, the very best of unique Rajasthan, we go where other tours wish they had as many days rocking Rajasthan.


art Rajasthan tour

An Artistic itinerary designed for a different deeper view of Rajasthan. Step outside of the usual and step into a story, follow that story across time and landscapes. The Rajasthan Art Trail  is an exploration of Rajasthan via the painted stories of each time.

You don’t need to be an art expert to take this tour, imagine this as a way of stepping into your own little specialised documentary. This carefully curated itinerary is designed to please anyone who wants to experience a different and deeper form of travel.

You can take this tour individually (minimum of two) or join a small group.


south India tours

South India is the ancient enigmatic India, home to the sensuous spices that scent and scintillate the cuisine. Home also to herds of elephants, the ancient science of Ayurveda and some of India’s most exotic temples.


village walks kumaon

Kumaon is the slow travel destination for travellers who appreciate discovering people as well as places. Spectacular Himalaya mountain views unsurpassed by any other in India during winter months, great forests of rhododendron throwing out a red carpet welcome during early spring and the absolute romance of a monsoon retreat or a butterfly tour in the autumn.


cuisine tours India

What can be more sensuous than discovering a place via the food? Immerse yourself in the flavours of India, shop in the bustling markets and get in touch with your inner Master Chef.