Sensational South India Tours

women travel mother india

South India is the ancient enigmatic India, a sensory and sensual experience of taste, touch, sight, sound and scents.

From the stunning fortressed coastline that is still a vital port for the spice trade to the stunning green hills where coffee and tea plantations are draped artistically between wild life sanctuaries to bustling towns and temples, Kerala offers you a view of tropical India and seduces you with her slow easy charm. No wonder the locals call this “Gods Own Country!”

women travel mother indiaIf you want to immerse your sensual perceptions in the experience of India, then what better way that to taste, touch, shop, smell and indulge?

Small groups and individual travelers try our South Indian Cuisine and Cookery Tour  MALABAR GOLD and follow that with an AYURVEDIC RETREAT

Larger groups try our South India tour especially designed for women Click here for the itinerary